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We teach private 40- minute long group music lessons by age.

For younger students ages 6 months- 2 years, we explore music through a variety of lap bounces (to help feel pulse and internalize beat), fingerplays (to increase dexterity and fine and gross motor movements), movement and musical games (to feel music using our whole bodies), tickles (because baby giggles are so cute), singing (our natural instrument), playing instruments (mostly percussion because babies are experts at banging and shaking things!), and listening (to give them a chance to site quietly, listen, and experience live, professional music making). Parents are required to attend these classes with their children.

For older students aged 3-4 years old, classes are more high energy with fingerplays, singing, jumping, dancing, instrument playing, and listening. Parents are required to wait in the lounge for their children. These classes learn very basic music notation and there is a small one-time fee (of $10) to cover any materials handed out for the students to keep. Our oldest students ages 5-6 years old are combined together and learn the art of the recorder. There is some singing but most of these classes focus on developing musicianship and learning music notation and instrument playing. Parents are requested to wait in the lounge for their children. There is a one-time music and materials fee (of $30) to cover the cost of the recorder, music, and any other supplies that they will be provided with.


Ages 2 and under

Group early childhood music education classes, divided by age, which require parent or caregiver involvement (because these little Treblemakers need some looking after!)

Learn to love, play, and share music with your little one.

Classes are 40 minutes in length and each one includes a variety of lap bounces, rhymes, singing, moving, dancing, playing, instruments, and listening.

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Young Musicians

Ages 3 and up

Young Musicians do not need parents or caregivers but they are requested to wait in the lounge in case their child requests their help (for bathroom purposes or otherwise).

Your child will enhance their love of music and will adore singing and performing for you to show you all of their new skills!

There is a greater focus on musicality in this class., compared to Treblemakers, with more singing, dancing, movement, instrument playing, and listening.

Classes are 40 minutes in length and teaches through play with beginner musical notation introduced in Level 4 and recorders introduced in Level 5.

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